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Songs (2015)

Dawn Fung's song lyrics from both albums are now available. Examine her use of literary devices from traditional folksongs and biblical narratives to create poetic, poignant work.

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Gigs (2016)

House gigs featuring the sounds of George Chua & Dawn Fung from Jan to Mar. Limited spaces.

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"Like American one-offs Regina Spektor and Joanna Newsom, Singaporean Dawn Fung pursues her own uniquely folky muse to whatever climes it desires."
– Life! The Straits Times

"In the Evening Sun...is a charming, delightful album with its poetic, thought-provoking lyrics and an eclectic mix of music."
– Linn Shekinah

"Rare self-possession resides in Dawn Fung's voice. Free like a bird, it clears white noise and draws the listener into a health illumed by faith and family."
– Life! The Straits Times

"The Last Morning...brings together the rich threads of her poetry-writing and musicianship, weaving them into a stirring and fulfilling tapestry in the best folk tradition."
– CreateLeVoyage.com

""Songs on In the Evening Sun often invoke a sense of contemplation and wonder, with scenes of life familial and pastoral.""
– Josh Q

"As a Christian, it is difficult not to ignore the wonderful design of the natural world, and even more, how it came to be and why. My work is a way to explore my questions and journey in this obsession with the things that are, and are not yet."
– Dawn Fung